LoVa: Past and Future

To date LoVa has: created an organizational framework for itself, communicated its goals in a series of public meetings and solicited financial and institutional support throughout Garfield County. Our most challenging and exciting work lies just ahead.

LoVa has benefited from the financial support of various entities including our members, the State of Colorado, the Environment Foundation, local governments, and business contributors. Many communities and municipalities along the Colorado river corridor in Garfield County have expressed formal support for LoVa's goals and have contributed financial resources. With time, our roots grow stronger in our local communities and our volunteers make more progress in achieving our goals.

Engineering planning work is currently underway in West Glenwood Springs. LoVa took the initiative to move forward with the construction of CDOT's design for a 3-mile section of trail through South Canyon. This trail section begins at the West Glenwood Springs I-70 interchange and extends to the South Canyon I-70 interchange. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2005. LoVa anticipates receiving significant financial support for this work in late 2004 persuant to a Great Ooutdoors Colorado grant request.

West along the I-70 corridor, LoVa is working on a signage project to designate an interim LoVa bike route. This will consist primarily of existing roads along the corridor creating a continuous, marked route for bike trail users. The Colorado Dept. of Transportation is partnering with LoVa to accomplish this task. LoVa is also planning other sections of trail in close proximity to local municipalities that will be built in the near future. Some of these sections include a trail in Parachute and a trail section between New Castle and Silt.











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