Important Information about the two versions
of the Master Plan

1. The Edited Master Plan has been condensed for brevity and ease of reading. Many technical details and all maps have been omitted.
2. The complete, Unedited Master Plan files may be downloaded as printable .PDF files by clicking on the links below. These files include an appendix with technical details of various construction elements and also a (hypothetical) map of the trail. Some of these files are very large and best downloaded using a high-speed connection.
3. Processes and agreements that will evolve over time will ultimately determine the final location and course of the trail. Trail locations depicted in these documents must be considered as only approximate. Trail alignments depicted herein do not necessarily reflect LoVa decisions or expressed intent.
4. The Master Plan is a LoVa work product. It is the exclusive property of LoVa. It is presented here as a public service. No other use may be made of the Plan, or included graphics, without the express written consent of LoVa. Public officials may reproduce and distribute copies of the plan only in the course of their duties as public officials. This information page must be attached to any and all copies made for use by public officials.

Edited Master Plan
Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Detailed Planning    Considerations

3. Trail Layout and Cost Estimates

4. Implementation


Below are links to the Actual Master Plan. These are unedited, non compressed .pdfs and may take a while to load.


















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